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Tips for your home TV wall mounting

Most homes and many businesses have one or more television (TV) for entertainment and getting information. While in many cases, the TV is installed on a table or TV stand, increasingly the TV owners are preferring to mount the TV on the wall. There are many reasons why TV Wall Mounting is becoming popular, with space saving the main reason why wall mounting is popular. Many people are living in small homes, especially in large cities like Melbourne, so instead of wasting floor space, for keeping a TV stand and TV, they will mount it on the wall, utilizing space which would be otherwise wasted.

tv wall mounting

The TV owner will also not have to spend money on a TV stand or table if he is wall mounting the TV. If there are children in the house, wall mounting is preferred since the children cannot push or move the wall mounted TV, unlike a stand or table mounted TV. TV owners who would like to find out how to mount the TV on their wall, should be aware that the procedure for mounting the TV depends on the size and weight of the television. Usually the weight of television of size 32 inches or more is higher, and the plaster of the wall will not bear the weight of the TV and a wall bracket will be required.

For heavier and larger TV sets, the TV owner can choose between three different types of TV brackets depending on the flexibility he requires and his budget. The swing arm type wall bracket allowing full motion for TVs allows the user to change the position of the TV in all directions. This bracket is usually the most expensive TV bracket. The tilt type bracket for wall mounting allows the user to move the TV up or down, though it is not very popular. The fixed wall bracket for TV mounting is popular since the position of the TV is fixed, and it can be maintained at eye level.

Since installing a TV properly requires some amount of expertise and tools, most TV owners will outsource the task to specialists. However, to save time and money the TV owner will want to find out what should prepare the home for the TV installation. The first step involves finalizing the location of the TV in the house. Though many people install the TV in their living room, some people may prefer to install it in their dining room or bedroom if they watch TV before going to sleep. Within the room selected, they should then finalize the exact location of the TV for mounting.

While finalizing the TV location, it is important to ensure that there is seating arrangement in the room. The distance between the TV and viewer should be maintained based on the safe viewing guidelines. To prepare the area for the TV installation, it may be necessary to remove all the furniture and other items in the area, so that the TV installers can keep their installation equipment like drilling machine and move freely while installing the TV. Suitable provision should be made for placing the power and TV input supplies. After the TV is installed, the installers should test the TV to ensure that it works properly.

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