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First Choice Allied Health, New Choice For Residents’ Physiotherapy Footscray and Podiatry Footscray Treatment

First Choice Allied Health, New Choice For Residents’ Physiotherapy Footscray and Podiatry Footscray Treatment Coming To town in Footscray, VIC which is 10 mins away from Melbourne CBD
Footscray, VIC – First Choice Allied Health is one of the only holistic health clinics that deliver full health services in Footscray, VIC, and the surrounding areas. It provides high-quality podiatry, physiotherapy, speech pathology, occupational, and massage therapy.

Frist Choice Allied Health
First Choice Team

First Choice Allied Health is a certified NDIS provider that takes care of children, sportspersons, and senior citizens. The clinic is proud to be represented by a team of certified professionals who are experts in delivering an extensive range of treatments to their patients at an affordable price. The clinic is equipped with the latest diagnostic tools and sports medicine supplies. As a patient-oriented centre, First Choice Allied Health assists in dealing with insurance companies and doctor referrals for the convenience of their patients.

First Choice Allied Health offers a wide range of podiatry Footscray, including bunions, cracked heels, and dry skin, fungal nails, corns, ingrown toenails, diabetic foot care, sports podiatry, custom-made orthotics, children’s feet, foot or lower limb deformities, soft tissue, and muscular pathologies. To take care of the patients who need podiatry, the centre is made up of podiatrists who are highly qualified and well trained to deal solely with the feet and lower limbs. They offer podiatry care to all ages of patients, from children and adults to the elderly. With the understanding that each patient is unique, doctors pride themselves on tailoring podiatry treatments with an emphasis on per patient case. Specialists pay attention to all aspects of foot and ankle care such as pediatrics, sports injuries, structural problems, and general foot issues like ingrown toenails, nail surgery, and nail fungus.

First Choice Allied Health also provides physiotherapy Footscray which corrects misalignments in the body and assists with pain relief. Patients who experience excess stress, take part in strenuous physical activity, or suffer from a combination of factors, can find release from physiotherapy. It takes care of acute and chronic sports injuries, balance and proprioception, neurological disorders such as strokes, BPPV – vertigo treatment, joint mobilization, posture correction, geriatric physiotherapy for breathing and fall prevention, osteoarthritis, multiple sclerosis, Musculoskeletal problems for back pain, and tennis elbow. Their physiotherapists pinpoint the cause of pain before providing a diagnosis and treating it accordingly. These services are provided by their fully qualified physiotherapists who are specialists in understanding the human body and its movement. Using professional assessment and diagnosis techniques, physiotherapists treat clients of all ages with movement disorders. They also ease all types of pain, helping their clients recover from persistent injuries.

Not only does First Choice Allied Health take care of the residents of Footscray, but they also serve Melbourne, Port Melbourne, Yarraville, Maribyrnong, St. Albans, Sunshine, and Braybrooke area. With a 4.7 star review on Google, the residents of Footscray have trusted their podiatry and physiotherapy needs to the holistic health clinic.

First Choice Allied Health is situated at 269 Barkly Street, Footscray, VIC 3011, AU. For inquiries, contact its specialists via phone at 03 9687 0234 or visit their website for additional information.

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